Let’s give child workers
a brighter tomorrow


When Covid-19 hit Pakistan, six-year-old Ahmad’s father became ill, unable to work. Without his income, they had to pull Ahmed out of school and put him to work in a small auto repair shop. Because of BRIGHTER TOMORROW, this child laborer now gets an extra meal each day, a chance to learn to read and write, and tools to thrive emotionally. 

Ahmad’s story is not unusual.  Child labor has a long history in the city of Peshawar and throughout Pakistan. 2005 government statistics estimated that 3.5 million children were involved in child labor, but unofficial figures put the number closer to 10 million. The Covid pandemic has created more poverty, putting school fees beyond the reach of many families.  

Forced to leave school, even very young children are finding jobs in the marketplace, tending to animals on their family farm, scavenging the garbage dumps for salable items, and, like Ahmad, sweating in auto shops amidst toxic chemicals.  When these children shoulder adult responsibilities, they have no time for play or the usual childhood explorations.  They fail to develop a sense of confidence, hope and dignity.

Brighter Tomorrow

BRIGHTER TOMORROW offers these vulnerable child workers a chance to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills and perhaps return to school in better times ahead. It brings hope and psychosocial tools to the children which can be shared with their family and friends.

The specific objectives of the project are to provide: 

  • a time-tested literacy/numeracy curriculum designed for working children, so they can qualify to re-enter school should the opportunity arise.
  • psychosocial support (PSS) training for the teachers for their own self-care and to help them understand the emotional needs of the children.
  • PSS training for the children, including activities for psychological wellness, problem-solving, stress and anger management, as well as hygiene and safety.
  • daily hot meals to the children.


Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is a special time to draw closer to Allah and seek His blessings. It is a time for learning taqwa (God-fearing), piety, self-discipline, and patience.

It is a time for increased charity and generosity, as well as seeking forgiveness and forgiving others. This Ramadan, please consider donating to provide food for the children of Brighter Tomorrow, an educational facility in Peshawar, Pakistan.

This organization offers literacy, numeracy, and nutritious meals to child laborers. These children, who come from impoverished families, work long hours as helpers in shops, workshops, and as household maids to support their families.

With just $2 per day, you will make the future brighter for one of these vulnerable children.