Brighter Tomorrow: Giving Choices and Granting wishes

Children's faces are blurred to protect their identity

The children leave their homes at dawn and return at dusk. All day long they work at tea shops, bakeries, machine shops, and markets. Never before have their wishes been granted, nor have they ever been given any choices.

Until they enrolled in Brighter Tomorrow.

Brighter Tomorrow takes these children from their workplaces for two hours each day to give them a hot meal and teach them basic literacy skills.  But it does much more than that.

Today the children at Brighter Tomorrow are able to go to the local park for a picnic, to play and enjoy refreshments/food of their choice. The Parks that they considered out of bound are now accessible to them, thanks to the support of our valuable donors, and to our teachers’ coordination with the local authorities.

According to their teacher Mr. Aamer, “It is amazing how empowered these children have become. They are able to make choices [about which park to visit, what food to eat] through group consensus. They are no longer lonely. They have found friends among their schoolmates, and have teachers who listen to them.”