Empathic Listening Leads to Rooftop Cricket

cricket on rooftop
Children's faces are blurred to protect their identity

Brighter Tomorrow believes in and promotes the culture of empathetic listening. Not only do the teachers listen to the students empathetically but they also guide the students to listen to each other in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way.

This is a story about how empathic listening brought the game of cricket to the children of Brighter Tomorrow. 

Cricket is the most famous game in Pakistan. The lucky few can play it in well maintained playing grounds that are accessible to children from the affluent class. The rest play in busy streets, constantly getting in trouble with home owners and drivers and businesses plying their trade on the streets. When the streets become off limits, poor children play cricket on garbage dumps that are dangerous places, especially when the plastics in the dump catch fire. Due to poor municipal services people often set fire to the garbage dumps, which smolder slowly till the fire reaches the plastics that are a major part of the garbage.     

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 Recently some of the students playing indoor games at Brighter Tomorrow wished they could play cricket like other children. Their teachers listened to the children and heard how important cricket was to them. 

Keeping in mind the limited time available, the inaccessibility of properly maintained cricket grounds, and the danger of playing on the streets, Mr. Aamir and the children began to explore different ideas for an out-of-the-box solution.

Finally, it struck them that the roof of the school building had safe access, was big enough for net practice, and was secured by a boundary wall. They asked for and fortunately got permission from the management of the school, and now the children can play cricket and enhance their skills on the school roof.

The Brighter Tomorrow team is now looking for ways to install a net and a pitch so the children can compete both nationally and internationally.

Brighter Tomorrow is also looking into the possibility of inviting a cricket player of international fame to come over to guide our children.

We wish that someday perhaps some of these children will become players of international fame.