Granting Wishes, Making Dreams

Children's faces are blurred to protect their identity

It is Friday, the 11th of February, a very special day in the lives of the children of Brighter tomorrow. 

Today their wish was granted, the decision they made was honored. They went on a recreational trip for the first time in their lives, to a park that they chose, in a bus that was reserved for them. They sat on a bus seat in comfort and looked out the window, unlike their daily bus commute to work and back, when they have to stand in a crowded bus or hang onto the back of the bus.

For the first time in their lives they saw a river, touched the cold flowing water.  They rode bikes, swung on the swings, enjoyed different rides, and just played together. When it was time to eat, for the first time they were not serving food, but were the ones being served.

On the way back a child said, “I wish these joys and this place will be in my dreams every night.”

The teacher guiding his students on safety around water