Interview of Mr. Amir

Children's faces are blurred to protect their identity

“My wealth is education and I must distribute my wealth among those in need.”

Mr. Amir was born and raised in a rural environment at village Utmanzai, which was the home of the Khudai Khidmat Gar (Servants of God) movement led by Abdul Ghaffar Khan as well as a number of poets and scholars. He not only led the first non-violent movement against British Imperialism, but he also stressed the importance of education and established a number of schools for boys and girls.

His father inculcated the love of education in all of his 6 children and ensured the best possible education for them despite his limited resources. Amir received his formal and religious schooling in his native village and graduated from the University of Peshawar with a Master in religious studies .  He is currently pursuing a M-Phil from Riphah International University in Islamabad. 

He has taught at a private school for the last ten years and now also volunteers – along with his  close friend Hafiz Israr – as a  teacher of street children at Rokhana Saba – BRIGHTER TOMORROW.  He believes that providing these children with education and teaching them life skills is the only way to break the poverty cycle for them and their families. For Mr. Amir, this is not only his social responsibility but also his religious responsibility.