The Girls of Brighter Tomorrow

Children's faces are blurred to protect their identity

COVID-19 is the last nail in the economy of Peshawar, Pakistan. It has forced hundreds and thousands of children into labor as a cheap and manageable resource. Driven by financial need, boys work in shops and workshops, while girls work as domestic helpers doing housekeeping and babysitting, and eldercare.

To address the dire needs of the girls, Brighter Tomorrow (with support from Focusing Initiatives International USA and the Frontier Organization for Reform and Transformation) has established a care and educational facility in a room provided by a resident of the community. The girls visit the facility for around two hours daily, six days a week, while also working. During these two hours they are provided with basic literacy, psychosocial support, and some nutritional food. In just one month the number of girls has increased from ten to thirty and is on a rise as the news is spreading in the community.

Despite limited resources, we at Brighter Tomorrow are welcoming all the newcomers  since we believe that turning back a child amounts to robbing them of their childhood. To ensure that the current children are cared for and the newcomers are welcomed, we need your continued support and commitment.